Hutten makes a party out of every day! Whether it’s are large or small business event, a seminar, anniversary or wedding, we come up with a unique experience every time. We provide beautiful culinary products, our own decors, attractive furnishings and top acts. We ensure that the expectations expressed in the initial request are actually realised, and that creative concepts don’t get drowned out by pragmatic issues. And we go all the way to making it happen! Hutten has all the ingredients for a fantastic result under one roof! 

““It’s a party just working with these people”“

Eline, party catering employee

This is what we do
Hutten Exclusive Catering organises and realises parties and events. We do this for both private and business customers. We stand for originality, creativity and tailor-made packages. Our party catering employees live up to the Hutten name at every event, irrespective of its size. We do this in our own exclusive event venues such as the Orangerie in ’s-Hertogenbosch and Bethlehem Convent in Haren, or a venue chosen by the customer.

A lot needs to be done before such an event. Once the application has been received by Sales & Service, they fine tune everything to the customer’s wishes. This discussion is often held with the actual party manager, so that they can get a feel for what the customer is really looking for with the party or event. These finalised arrangements form the basis of the party plan, and we can start to place the orders. Our chefs prepare the culinary orders. The event’s layout and furnishings are mostly the creation of our own Decor department. On the setting up day, everything is made ready to go in Veghel. The team of party catering staff leaves the Hutten Culinary Centre to go to the venue to set everything up. Because this is the same team that will also be serving or working behind the buffet during the event, they ensure that the whole operation runs smoothly.

This is what we’re looking for
Hutten Exclusive Catering works with a permanent and a flexible pool of employees. This flexpool consists mainly of students with considerable experience in the catering industry. The permanent pool of employees has party catering in their genes: they love the variety and dynamics of the trade. They also make a good impression, and they’re flexible and incredibly hard working.