These are our aims

Hutten is a business whose vision is to be the best, the most fun and the happiest. It’s a vision that’s all about ambition, and it expresses what and who we want to be at Hutten.

1. The best
We’re a trendsetter, driven by inspiration and our search for continuous improvement. We strive to be the best in our culinary, hospitality and concept business activities. This ambition also extends to society. Together with the best suppliers, we take responsibility for our actions.

We strive to be the best in the art of cooking. Think of our ‘De Guijt’ own brand, for example. Our constant desire to add to the art of cooking has led us to develop this sustainable own brand. De Guijt is revolutionary and capitalises on the latest food trends. All the culinary products we offer under this brand are fresh, traditionally prepared, delicious, healthy and sustainable.

Every new employee receives an extensive introduction programme, an important part of which is extra, specialised hospitality training.  Your expertise enables us to add something extra to the notion of hospitality.

As an employee, you’re always thinking along with the guest and customer. We’re a flexible organisation, specialised in delivering tailor-made catering solutions. Every customer receives an appropriate concept. Your own initiative in this is greatly appreciated and encouraged.

2. The best
We want to be the best employer. Hutten is characterised by the transparency of our internal organisation, collegiality and equality. We believe in being good employers. Hutten offers a flexible work space (The New Way to Work), a non-hierarchical structure and a good social policy. You can be yourself. And that’s when you’re at your best!

3. The happiest
We aim for the happiest employees. We believe that motivation comes from within, which is why we create a cheerful and open working environment. As an employee, you will receive time and space for personal development, to support your growth towards personal and employment happiness. This is something we strive for every day.