This is what we stand for

Happiness - including at work - is something we feel very strongly about. Only then can business guarantee continuity, quality and “Always caring more ”. Hutten has been aspiring to the basic values that support this happiness for decades.

The basic ingredients

Hutten’s values are responsibility, transparency, innovation, respect and pride.  Everyone working with Hutten recognises our organisation in the following basic ingredients:

  • We believe in the strength of the individual: those who can, want to and dare to take on the responsibility, are given considerable freedom in their work.  
  • We understand one another. Lines of communication are short and we communicate honestly and openly. We’re a transparent organisation.
  • Our enthusiastic development and sharing of knowledge leads to continuous improvement and innovation.
  • We work together and are conscious of this fact. We’re prepared to show our vulnerable side and are understanding and respectful to each other. We accept everyone as they are.
  • Everyone is proud of themselves, the business and everything that it stands for - every day. And they show it! 


Our mission has been distilled from this recipe. We strive to contribute to a better, healthier, more comfortable, simpler, more fun and more sustainable life. Our motto is “Always caring more”. Our products and services have added value. We give this considerable thought and we’re always looking for ways to improve. Our products and services are proof of this.