Field of expertise

It goes further than your field of expertise
It doesn’t matter which field you work in, at Hutten we go further. Because you ‘love your job’, you look further than the role you fulfil within the business. If it’s your responsibility to manage our ICT systems and processes within the organisation, we also expect you to think along with our sales managers who use them. It’s important to us that you’re not limited only to your own field. The commitment of our employees is incredible. The passion with which we continue to work on improvements is infectious.

  • Partycatering

    Hutten makes a party out of every day! Whether its are large or small business event, a seminar, anniversary or wedding, we come up with a unique experience every time. We provide beautiful culinary … Read more

  • Businesscatering

    The service provided by Hutten Business Catering is by no means standard catering. This division is made up of several regions, with a total of 140 business catering venues, all of which are supplied … Read more

  • Kitchens

    The kitchens at the Hutten Culinary Centre in Veghel are 1,400 m2 and are the largest quality catering kitchens in Brabant! Something were very proud of! All our products are skilfully prepared by our… Read more

  • Head office

    The Hutten Culinary Centre is not only the location of the central kitchens and warehouse; it is also home to the Hutten Service Office. Which sectors of the business can you become part of, and what … Read more

  • Warehouse & Logistics

    Hutten never stands still which is why the Warehouse Logistics department is always on the go. By working efficiently and decisively, Warehouse Logistics provides its customers within Hutten with a … Read more

  • Hospitality Services

    Our office environment is changing from being only a place to work, to being a place to meet colleagues and business partners. The office is becoming a place to meet, making hospitality services … Read more