Hospitality Services

Our office environment is changing from being only a place to work, to being a place to meet colleagues and business partners. The office is becoming a place to meet, making hospitality services indispensible. For more than 80 years, providing hospitality has been a central theme at Hutten. We’ve noticed an increase in the swap to The New Way of Working and a growing demand for hospitality services in general. This has convinced us that the market needs more than just catering services. Which is why we go a step further.  We add value by letting customers’ employees and guests experience the organisation’s mission, vision and core values when they visit us. We call this Hospitality Culture. 

““The most beautiful reception area is nothing without hospitality”“

Thijs Brans, Hospitality Services project manager

This is what we do
Exuding hospitality is something that can only be done by people, and guaranteeing this service is always a challenge. This is why the collaboration between the hospitality and catering teams is so incredibly important within the business. Our head of hospitality not only manages the staff, but also makes sure there is optimal contact with clients. The team is jointly responsible for making the guests feel welcome. The meetings manager ensures that the guest need only attend to the meeting itself by making sure that all the peripheral matters are perfectly organised. Depending on the organisation, these matters can range from transport to a lunch during a meeting. Our hosts and hostesses all contribute to the required hospitality in their own way. No matter what, our customers’ tailor-made hospitality concepts will be perfectly executed by our hospitality staff. 

This is what we’re looking for
Our hospitality colleagues have a passion for spoiling our guests. They believe in our hospitality culture and therefore make the difference. Will you help to put Hutten even more on the map with your ‘hospitality skills’?