The kitchens at the Hutten Culinary Centre in Veghel are 1,400 m2 and are the largest quality catering kitchens in Brabant! Something we’re very proud of! All our products are skilfully prepared by our kitchen brigade, using fresh ingredients. Because we choose local suppliers, who are sustainable entrepreneurs, we can work with fresh products, to make the healthiest and most delicious dishes ever. The kitchens are a business on their own, and numerous chefs work there every day, creating the most delicious results. As a chef, you can have a field day. Hutten offers all manner of possibilities for those wanting to cook: from production chef in the assembly-line kitchen, to Top Chef in a specific company restaurant, such as Microsoft!

This is what we do
We put our enthusiasm into the beautiful dishes and fresh ingredients which we cook with every day for the care sector, business catering and party catering. The diversity of the dishes is incredible and Hutten uses a total of nearly 15,000 recipes. The Hutten Culinary Centre is the heart of the organisation and is subdivided into the kitchens catering for institutions, hot meals and cold dishes. Hundreds of litres of soup are prepared each day and this is also the setting for the party and business catering. In the Hutten kitchens catering for institutions, all the meals for Bernhoven hospital and other care homes are portioned and assembled. These kitchens operate nearly 24 hours a day. During the night rolls and lunches are prepared and fresh juices are squeezed. We invent new recipes on a regular basis with the Product Development department. The Supply Chain Management department is also involved so that our select group of suppliers can ensure high quality and sustainability. In this way the assortment remains varied and challenging for both our guests and chefs. There are more kitchens involved in cooking outside the Hutten Culinary Centre. During parties, the party chefs add the finishing touches on-site and also cook in front of the guests. There are also company restaurants all over the country with live cooking buffets where our chefs prepare freshly cooked lunches and dinners on a daily basis.

This is what we’re looking for
At Hutten, we employ chefs of all levels. Hutten is the perfect training environment for many young chefs, thanks to all the different facets of cooking and techniques used every day. At the same time, the incredible scope for creativity and the development of innovative high-quality culinary concepts means the job constantly challenges even Michelin star quality chefs.