The service provided by Hutten Business Catering is by no means standard catering. This division is made up of several regions, with a total of 140 business catering venues, all of which are supplied daily from our own skilfully-staffed kitchens. These relatively small regions are managed by regional managers, who spend considerable on-site. And our guests taste this in the experience, attention to detail and quality. The regional manager is also responsible for the implementation of the hospitality concept, customer satisfaction, turnover and margins.

The scale of the business catering venue, care home or hospital determines the size of the catering and hospitality team. It also determines whether our chefs will cook on location, whether baristas are needed, who understand the art of coffee making, or whether hospitality staff are required to look after the meeting rooms. At a business catering venue, the host or hostess looks after the guests together with the Hutten catering employee, and ensures an optimal culinary experience in terms of taste, presentation and service. The barista is responsible for the perfect coffee experience and service at the espresso bar.

The person responsible for the venue organises staff deployment, ordering and the overall character of the venue. The catering team, of course, works closely with the hospitality team, to ensure the ultimate hospitality experience. 

““I aim to exceed the customer’s expectation every day”“

Erika, De Tuin business restaurant

This is what we do
The current business environment is changing, from a place to work, to a place to meet colleagues and business partners. The office is becoming a meeting place, a customer’s showpiece venue. Apart from the fact that the food itself has to be excellent, the experience of the product and service is becoming increasingly important. As a business caterer, you’re serving more than delicious and healthy food. You’re serving a complete experience that contributes to the welfare of an organisation’s staff and its guests. It’s an experience that has a positive effect on realising the organisation’s objectives. From banqueting to drinks, and from lunch to dinner - make an event of it! Hutten distinguishes itself through our sustainable selection, our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, our presentation, but most of all through our hospitality.

This is what we’re looking for
In Hutten business catering we’re looking for people with a passion for food, drink and hospitality. Our business catering employees are, of course, hospitable and continually strive to exceed the guest’s expectations. This passion for the art of catering is infectious, and the guests really notice it!